Peer Support Coaching – Level 3


Welcome & Introduction

Provides an understanding of the course and what is expected.

It's all about me

A reflection piece on you and your goals.

Relationship Circle

A reflection piece on the relationships in your life and the impact of those relationships.

Turning to others for help

A reflection piece on a time when you turned to others for help and identifying the strength in these individuals.

Introducing peer support coaching

An introduction into what makes an ideal peer support coach, the importance of active listening and exploring a time when you were listened to.

Strengths based language

Exploring strength based language and how it improves peer support coaching outcomes.

Questioning skills

Exploring and understanding different types of questioning skills.

Communication skills

A deep dive into communication skills and the importance of understanding all types communication in peer support coaching.

The non-directive approach

Understanding the non-directive approach in peer support coaching.

The GROW model

Exploring a life coaching model known as The Grow model.

Sharing experiences

Learning how to share lived experiences and understanding the boundaries needed when doing do.


Exploring boundaries and the importance of them in peer support coaching.

Values, beliefs, attitudes and diversity

Exploring values, beliefs, attitudes and diversity and how it enhances peer relationships.


Understanding confidentiality, the importance of it and times when it has to be broken due to safeguarding.

Staying well

Learning about staying well plans and how this can help you and the peer you’re helping.


Understanding signposting and how to do it effectively.

Understanding trauma & suicide

Understanding trauma & suicide and how to manage risk in a peer support coaching setting.

Ending a peer relationship

Understanding how to end a peer support coaching relationship.

Final reflection

A reflective piece on you, evaluating successes and challenges of the course and what’s needed going forward.

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